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    CJSC "Araratcement" is currently working on the basis of local raw materials consumption and does not need to import raw materials from other countries. According to the data of Project Institute "Yuzhgiprotsement" for the construction of the new technological line, the reserves of limestone and clay are about for 300 years. Ararat limestone is one of the best in the world. It is not only used in the cement industry, but also, due to its high quality, is exported to Russia, the US and many developed European countries as a building material. As additives it is been used quartzite, as they are rich of amorphous silica, which content is 40%. They do not contain any other compounds and the percentage of silica content is 97%. According to the data of Project Institute these reserves are designed for 200 years.

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    In 2005, the obsolete drive control of kiln fan was replaced by an upgraded, modern technology of new generation. As a result of all these activities and due to personnel of the plant, today, "Araratcement" produces high quality products.

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    Since 2003 engineering-technical personnel of the plant is cooperating with colleagues from leading scientific - research institutions for the purpose of modernization and introduction of new technological advances in the production process.

    In the same year, in the cement grinding department was restored and put into operation a centrifugal separator SMC-420, which contributed to the transition from open to closed circuit cement grinding.

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    In 2002 the plant was privatized by the Concern "Multi Group" and reorganized to Closed Joint-Stock Company "Araratcement".

    The Concern "Multi Group" includes a number of companies engaged in a variety of activities: Measuring instruments plant, brewery "Kotayk", Yerevan pharmaceutical firm, furniture store chain "MEK", enterprise "Aviaservice", petrol station network, the company of stone industrial processing "Multi stone", Yerevan brandy-wine-vodka factory “Ararat”.

    The main objective of the cement factory "Araratcement" after the privatization was to increase the productivity of rotary kiln up to the capacity according to the project, and increase the range of products.

    For this purpose was developed and carried out a number of activities in the areas of precise dosing and homogenization of raw materials and the use of high-quality and uniform raw material. Important environmental issues have been resolved.

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    In 2001, by order №-177 of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Republic of Armenia it was reorganized to Open Joint Stock Company "Araratcement".

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    In 1995, by order №-127 of the Ministry of Industry Ararat cement-slate plant was renamed as Ararat Cement Factory, in 1998 it was renamed as State Closed-Joint Stock Company "Araratcement".

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        Restructuring of Ararat cement-slate plant was performed by order №-1217 of the Government of the USSR, the project was based on reasonable materials of protocol №-28-125- / 83 of the Ministry of Building Materials Industry of the USSR (approved by Ministry of Building Materials Industry of the USSR).

    In 1989, it was built and commissioned Ararat Cement Factory (new technological line - 1.2 million tons of cement annually.).